The Yin and Yang of Today


Technically of yesterday since it is 12:15 a.m.  I just returned home.

I find myself frequently evaluating whether the thing that is my job, has been my career or 27 years, is what I should be doing. A few days are crystal clear in that they are wonderful work days or hell. Most however are like today. Both Good and Evil. Yin and Yang.

On one hand the work I set out to do went well and much of the day was spent with a client I like and a person who appreciates the help and counsel I provide. On the other hand, the day started early. After the work was through I find myself at a Wendy’s snarfing down a bad salad before rushing to the airport to begin the 6 hour journey home. At least the flights were on time.

Other days the yin and yang represent forces other than those I faced today. The point is most days have strong components of both. Therefore, the indecision of whether to go or to stay. And therefore I stay.

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