The Philosophy of the College Football Championship

I start with an admission. I am not a college football fan. Not that I dislike the game, I just do not care much. This may color what I am about to say but I don’t believe so.

Once again much is being written about how imperfect the BCS bowl system for choosing a national championship. This year there are no clear power teams. In fact there are several 2 loss teams that could be playing in the official championship game. Several sportswriters that believe the only way to determine a true national champion would be to have a playoff system comparable to the pros. They may be right. That is they may be right if determining a “true” national champion is the right thing to do.

I am not naive or unaware that major college sports are money makers making them something less than combat for the pure love of sport. Yet…this is college. Why can’t there be, shouldn’t there be, some controversy around the national championship. It makes for great conversation, at least for those that care about college football.

I am old enough to remember a time before the BCS system that it was referred to as the mythical championship because there was no system for ensuring the 2 top ranked teams played for the right to be champ. There were 2 polls which did not always agree.

I like that college sports are not the pros. We have pro football league. We do not need two.

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