Next $1 Million Idea

My friend Jeff and I misspent a good part of high school trying to think up the next idea that would make us fabulously wealthy. In the mid-1970s, $1 million qualified.

Here is my latest.

 I am going to develop an exercise routine for travellers stranded in airports and on planes. The content will be a videos in hi-def which can be a DVD for your laptop, downloaded as a podcast or sent directly to your phone.

Of course there will be attractive men and women demonstrating the exercises but instead of being outfitted in tight spandex, some will be in business casual and others in full business attire. There will be two versions. One for those wanting to be relatively unobtrusive or have limited space. These travel warriors will be doing yoga positions and related stretches modified in ways that they will blend into an already fidgety group of strangers tired of waiting…and waiting …and waiting. For the more gregarious around us there will be a set of wild gyrations sure to get your mojo working.

 I am in early stage development looking for angel invested. Interested? 

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One Response to Next $1 Million Idea

  1. Frank says:

    That is a million-dollar idea. Now wait for calls from the VCs.

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