A Disturbing World

I saw the movie American Gangster yesterday. Good but not great though The reviewers and some friends of mine thought it was closer to great. This, however is not a movie review.

This movie disturbed me in the way all violence, real or cinematic, does whether it is war, suicide bombings, killings of protesters to some oppressive regime, a boy shot and killed last summer within two blocks of my son’s high school, or a movie crime lord putting a bullet in someone’s head. I become unnerved for awhile.

So far the violence, drug abuse, extreme poverty and hatred of this world has not touched me or my family directly. It has stayed outside of the circle of people I know. But for how long? Are we rushing to destruction in our my lifetime or my son’s lifetime? I know that these thoughts are extreme but I have a low violence threshold and when I am exposed to the images these thoughts take awhile to get over.

I contrast the these images with the rich life that most of the people I know live. These lives are rich not just in material things but in experiences. Then there is the absurd contrast to the lives of the extremely wealthy that I have come to know through my profession. Talk about insulated from the darkness. Money is spent in unconscionable sums on fluff. This disturbs me too but in ways different than the violence and not nearly as much.

By tomorrow these disturbing thoughts of a disturbing world will begin to recede. At least until I hear about the next senseless death. I guess I should stay away from the news media for a day or two.

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2 Responses to A Disturbing World

  1. Frank says:

    You make a good point…that kind of violence is very upsetting…that’s the real kind of terrorism for me. And in Killadelphia this year, it’s particularly pointed.

    Funny, I liked the film especially the part of the conflict between the gangster as a killer versus the gangster as an upstanding citizen. There was discipline in that, even through all the mess and violence.

  2. 48facets says:

    I agree that the killer/upstanding citizen made an effective contrast. Though contrast may not be right. As you point out, discipline is at the heart of it.

    i find it interesting that different people pick up different perspectives from seeing the same thing. For me the violence just takes over and puts a haze over my senses relative to other aspects of the film.

    You know I do not believe we have ever gone to a movie together. Maybe next time I am in town.

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