Adult Sippy Cups


For the umpeenth time I noticed after the fact that coffee had dripped on my shirt. (Don’t tell my wife.) Fortunately its a black knit shirt and the stain did not show. The other times I have not been so lucky.

The problem? The tops to the cups often don’t fit snugly. Yet I have become addicted to drinking from cups that come with the tops designed with the little spout. In the car you have to use them or risk major spillage. But here I was at my desk.

Looking at my….my sippy cup.

I am not sure why I never made the connection before. The coffee shops are treating us all like toddlers. Really, the difference is a few centimeters in spout length. The shape is the same. The objective is the same. No spills.

With me, the effect is even the same. Ever see a toddler without juice stains on his shirt?

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One Response to Adult Sippy Cups

  1. Frank says:

    Adult Sippy Cups…that is too funny. And I hate getting coffee on my shirt, too. LOL.

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