American Taxi Sucks


We have been using the same taxi service for a couple of years. Over time they have moved to more automated reservations. Generally this has worked, until today. Today of all days.

My wife is hoping to catch a plane to leave the country on business. The cab was never going to show. I called when it was 6 minutes late. It took 5 minutes to get a person, I was put on hold, a second person asked “if she could help” meaning the first was not finding our cab. More holding. We were told the cab would be there in “1 minute”.

I got dressed. We were out the door in my car when the cab showed up, 30 minutes late. The driver said that he had just gotten the call. I would have taken my wife to the airport and been two hours late to work. Now I am sitting here hoping she will make her plane. The probability is low. All hell will break loose if that happens. The best case scenario is that she makes the flight but is stressed out for the next hour. Not a very good scenario.

I should have just taken her once they were 10-15 minutes late. If only they would have been truthful when I called. Or better yet, reliable.

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3 Responses to American Taxi Sucks

  1. Loryn says:

    ok- the suspense is killing me – did she make the flight? We too had an experience like this, but the cab company may have been 303.

  2. 48facets says:

    Fortunately she did. As you can imagine, she was quite upset when she got in the cab with just over an hour until her flight left and still needing to check a bag and get through security. The cab driver responded and was very agrressive in getting to the airport.

    The cab company on the other hand has been less responsive. The dispatcher on the phone did not even offer an apology on behelf of the company. She transferred me to the voicemail of the customer service guy….who has yet to call me back.

  3. Shawn says:

    I have good experience with American Taxi in general. But two or three times out of ten, I encountered BAD drivers. They just lie in front of your face to get more money. For example, today, the driver (from mideast, i guess) told me I need to pay $8 more. When I ask why, he shown his pager and said that I request a van. First of all, I did not request a van; second, reading his pager message, there is NO such request.

    I ended up pay him anyway, since I had to catch up airplane. $8 is much less diamage compared to missing a plane. But such experience just made you feel some had about American Taxi.

    The cab number is 483. Watch out guys.

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