Change of Seasons

It had continued to be summer in Chicago for several weeks beyond the official date. Last weekend the temps were in the low 90s. Today it was in the 50s with rain on and off throughout the day. In summer, Sunday mornings are for riding. I am up early and on my bike for hours. In the dead of winter I prefer waking up late and lounging with the Sunday Trib and a big breakfast. Autumn falls somewhere in between.

This morning was the perfect combination of summer and winter moments. It started on the bike. I almost under-dressed but was quickly rewarded for wearing two layers of shirts and a jacket. It was cool and damp as I pedaled north on Sheridan Road.

It took a long time to decide how far to ride. At first with the wind in my face I thought maybe a quick 25 was in order. As I began to warm I realized that there would be few remaining days this year to get in a long ride. I decided not to go for my usual 50 but to tackle at least 40-45.

Best laid plans as they say. At Lake Forest, with a few miles before I intended to turn around, it began to drizzle. I managed to ride about 8 miles in an increasingly heavy rain. Discretion overtook valor. I had about 12 miles and up to an hour of riding to go. so I pulled into a coffee shop that was the last place for many miles to stop. Fortunately I have a caring and understanding wife. She agreed to come get me.

Now my winter morning kicked in. This was a small privately owned shop with 3 tables. The anti-Starbucks of coffee shops. I ordered a large, hot drink, grabbed a paper and sat. There was one other customer in the shop who seemed content to sit for a long tome with his coffee. He did not even look at the Sunday paper laying in front of him. It was quiet. Very quiet. And calm. It was fantastic.

30 miles of biking AND a leisurely morning. What more could I ask for!

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One Response to Change of Seasons

  1. Frank says:

    Man, that’s the way to cap a morning. Beauty. I love those kinds of coffee shops. Fantastic.

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