A Day Off In The Middle Of The Week

I don’t take a lot of days off. In fact with my son’s high school sports schedule I lost the spring break and end of summer vacations I used to take. I rarely take a day to make a long weekend. Most times I plan one, something comes up and I work a good part of the day anyway.

This week I was not feeling well. symptoms, just dragging more than usual. My wife has had some virus for a month now and I have been determined not to catch it. At the end of the day Tuesday a coworker told me that I looked “worn”. And while I was surprised it showed, that word captured exactly how I felt.

Wednesday morning I woke up at the usual time but felt like hell. In the shower I started thinking about how unscheduled my day was and that I had no client deliverables due. Hmmm thought I. Maybe this would be a good day to “work from home”. Back to bed I went. Slept until the decadent hour of 9 am.

I did do work that day but less than usual. The two hours saved by not commuting were reinvested in serious nap time. Some herbal tea and extra rest and I was almost back to normal by Thursday.

For about two minutes I felt guilty not being in the office on a work day in the middle of the week. Quickly I realized that I would not have been very productive–just present. I would have told any one of the people working for me to go home. There just isn’t anyone to do that for me. I wish there was.

Anyway the 13 hour day I put in on Thursday took care of the last vestiges of guilt.

Wednesdays off. I might make this a semi-regular policy. Maybe it will become trendy like casual Fridays. It needs a catchy phrase. Wanton Wednesdays. Nah.

I’ll work on this later. Maybe next Wednesday.

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One Response to A Day Off In The Middle Of The Week

  1. Frank says:

    That’s the spirit, man. It’s the pause that refreshes. You’re calibrated about this…and it worked.

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