Special Friends

If you are really lucky in this life, you will make friendships that transcend time and space. Because life gets in the way you may not see or possibly talk to someone for months, maybe years. Yet, the depth of the connection made long ago creates comfort so that in a nanosecond of being together it is as if you were together yesterday.

I have a very small number of people in my life for which this is true. I dined with two of them yesterday. We joined by a third who could easily fall into this category one day. Sarah seems to get me and even enjoys my sense of humor–go figure. Sarah is only limited by the fact that we have spent relatively little time together. 

With Frank and Shelly there are no limits. We met, Shelly first and then Frank in a world far, far away. Ok. It was a company that we all once worked for and have all since left. While we were there we found that we were passionate about the same kind of work and the way of doing it–which defied somewhat the conventions of the company. We wanted to create an impact at our clients.

One of my fondest memories is a day in a conference room in Philly. We were brainstorming ideas for a training program unlike one that had been done before. That conference room filled with creativity, brilliance and a lot of laughter. Work product that day–not so much. The development and delivery of that program became a special shared experience between us, two other great colleagues and a bonehead. Long story.

The key to these unique friendships is to keep them fresh. Balance sharing past memories with creating new ones. Keep current on what they are doing and feeling. More laughter.

Frank and I communicate regularly though I have seen him only twice in three years. He is my blogging svengali. He is responsible for setting up 48 Facets. (Blame him. I only write the material.) He has two blog sites, one work related and one personal. Both excellent. If you haven’t gone to my blogroll, and clicked on Frank or KnowHR you are missing out. Shelly has been harder to keep up with since she ended her stint in Chicago. I miss our periodic dinners.

Both have become wildly successful professionally. Frank has his own company and Shelly is one of the top professionals in her field. (If you don’t believe me ask her about the helicopter). They both live in Philadelphia which is why it is hard to get together. I was there yesterday for the first time in years. 

I hope to make it a regular stop because while it is good to have friends that you can pick up quickly with after long periods of time, it is great to be with them often.

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One Response to Special Friends

  1. Frank says:

    Man, it was so great seeing you. As I said, it’s like I had just seen you the day before. I love that. It’s the mark of real friendship. And I feel blessed to now say I’ll get to see you twice in a fortnight. Cheers, my friend.

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