It’s Hot! It’s Not? It’s a Burqini!

I get excited by something that allows a person to both respect their religion and better participate in the modern world. A burqini allows Muslim women to stay covered but be in the water at the beach or with their children at a pool. 

A burqini is a lightweight, non-clingy, water-shedding tunic with attached hood in a high-tech polyester sports fabric. It covers the body. This creation came from the mind of a 38 year old Lebanese Muslim woman named Aheda Zanetti after watching her niece struggle to play volleyball in a traditional burqa. The burqini has won the Australian Islamic Council’s approval and is being bought by women across the world.

This is no typical Sports Illustrated swimsuit –though maybe in the Saudi and Dubai editions it will be one day. But who cares if the typical western male would rather see more skin. This creation gives millions of devout Muslim women freedom and comfort that they did not have before. What could be better on a planet that could use more ways for the devout of all religions to be modern, moderate citizens of the world?

I am nominating the burqini for the Nobel Peace prize.

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