Karma: I Believe!

I used to kinda joke about Karma but no more. On my bike ride last week I stopped to help someone and this week it was Karma payback several times over.

I got a flat at the end of my south route, 22 miles from home. No spare inner tube and just one vial of compressed air. I had a patch kit but could not find the hole in my tube. I was looking at a very long walk. 

Then Karma stepped in. A passing rider asks if I need help. I tell him I need a tube. Without a moment’s hesitation he says that he has two and one is now mine. I was barely able to thank him before he was on his way.

After putting in the new tube I used my limited air to fill the tire–or I tried to. Nothing was happening. After a couple of tries I realized that I had the valve in the lock and not the open position. By this time I only had enough air to partially fill the tire.

Then comes good samaritan #2 with a vial of air. Tire filled. Problem solved.

If that is not Karma I do not know what is. From now on I carry extra equipment just in case I run into someone in trouble. Help others, others help you. Good Karma.

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3 Responses to Karma: I Believe!

  1. Frank says:

    Man, that is the best part about bicycling….people help each other. You’re right, it’s a Pay It Forward item…Karma is our friend.

  2. 48facets says:

    I do believe that the biking community sticks together more than most. Must be the cool looking shirts and the strechy pants that bring us together.

  3. Frank says:

    LOL…yes, I was saying that going to a biking event is a little like NASCAR — lots of colors and brands shown — without the beer bellies (except mine).

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