Small Things Are Big?

A while ago I shared my philosophy that Small Things Are Small. This means that one should not blow things out of proportion.

After visiting a successful family owned business today I have a new saying. Small Things Can Add Up To Something Big. In order for this company to compete with companies that are larger and publicly held they need to find ways to generate more sales and reduce costs.

I had the rare delight of listening to the third generation family CEO describe with passion all of the little things that they were doing that were leading to millions of dollars of improvements. Some changes increased efficiency in order to keep costs down. Yes there were some traditional approaches in which technology was substituted for man-hours. But there were no large across-the-board layoffs. One of his biggest smiles came from telling us about a change in a manual process that saved 20 seconds. That might not sound like much but when the process is one that is repeated tens of thousands of times a month it adds up quickly.

On the sales side they also looked to be creative in many different areas, not looking for a major acquisition to show “growth” as public companies often do. They looked to be the best in several niche areas and to provide services and levels of service that their customers would not find at their competitors.

This man’s love of his business is infectious. No wonder they are finding ways to succeed.

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One Response to Small Things Are Big?

  1. Frank says:

    It’s the passion, isn’t it? There’s something different about a family business and one where a hired gun CEO says it’s family. It’s not the same. And the feeling is completely different. This story made me smile. Inspired leadership, I’ll take a dollop of that!

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