High Speed Internet, Low Speed Service

telephoneoperator.jpg Cable internet service is great– when it works. We periodically have problems that require calling Comcast’s service department. Unfortunately 2 out of 3 times they person answering the phone does not know what to do short of telling me to unplug my cable modem and reboot the computer.

Yesterday was a perfect example of incompetence. Actually it started Friday afternoon during the severe storms that hit the area. When launching the browser we got a message saying we needed to reinstall the Comcast software. A call Friday night led me to some guy who said this was an error and they were working on it. Nothing to do but wait.

The woman I spoke with Saturday morning said that there was a partial outage in my area and they were working on it. Surprisingly, I was still getting incoming email. The woman did not think that to be material. Though I was wondering how we had an incoming connection but no outgoing one.

Persevering, I tried again Saturday afternoon. Finally someone who knew what he was doing. He immediate said that just the fact that I had this message was a sign that the cable was working. He walked me through a few computer steps and amazingly I was back in business.

Happy and angry at the same time. We had not had usable internet service for over 24 hours. My wife had needed to check her work email and I had a blog to write. I thanked Comcast guy but insisted he send a message to the powers that be that they need to better train their telephone service reps. The first two should have known what to do.

I should have gotten his name so that I could have written an email to his boss… and to know who to ask for the next time something goes wrong.

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