Trust Your Instincts

I prefer to analyze things.  Therefore I don’t often trust that little voice inside my head. Too bad. Alot of years of some great experiences have helped shape that little voice.

I was reminded of this recently when I let a significant business opportunity slip away.  I had what I thought was a good meeting with a CEO. My goal was to convince him that I was as good or better than the competitors of mine he was considering. As he walked me out he asked a question that was strange given the context of the meeting. Would I be the team lead if they hired my company? He knew that I was in his office because that was exactly what was contemplated.

Loud warning sirens began to go off in my head. Danger! Danger!  At that moment I should have asked for 5 more minutes since by asking the question it seemed that he may not be comfortable with me. Later I realized that his asking the question meant that I was still in the game. He could have not said anything. The bull should have been taken by the horns. Instead, I mumbled something and left. I did not get the work.

This actually happens to me less frequently in business situations than in the rest of my life because I trust my work instincts more than those honed in other social situations. 

Tusting my instincts. Another area for potential personal growth. Yeah.

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2 Responses to Trust Your Instincts

  1. Frank says:

    It’s the essence of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink.” You’ve got good radar, and it’s good to use it. That CEO’s loss, btw. You’re at the top of your game and clients are lucky to work with you, especially in a business filled with people who are more sizzle than steak.

  2. 48facets says:

    I started Blink but put it down when I got busy. Time to pick it up again.

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