Four Seasons Dallas

I just checked into this exremely nice hotel. I have been here before. It was about four years ago. At the time I was attending a conference with a company I once worked for.  It had been a rough period with my boss at the time and I had lost the confidence of our National leader. It made for an awkward conference.

Hanging out at the bar that first night everything changed. My buddy Frank was there as was Sarah, who is now his business partner. The three of us spent the night talking and laughing–lots of laughing. We hung out by the hot tub with our feet in the pool, sharing stories with the other guests there and dreaming about possibilities. While it was later on that Frank and Sarah started their own business I like to think that the seeds were sown that night.

I felt good about life and myself again. Having good friends and spending time with them is close to the top of my list of all things  that do or could exist.

It feels good to be back at the Four Seasons Dallas.

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One Response to Four Seasons Dallas

  1. Frank says:

    Man, I would love to be back there with you again. That is really some place and I have a really good feeling about it too. Those were some very good days.

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