Grinding It Out

Riding has been a chore the last few outings. A few weeks ago I had felt as if the training had begun to kick in. I was riding stronger and faster. The last few times have been labors of love with the emphasis on labor.

I am not sure what happened. It has gotten somewhat hotter and much more humid. Some impact I am sure. I missed last weekend’s ride because the family was in DC. Still being on vacation I fit in an extra ride on Friday. Went OK given that I rode between noon and 3:30 and the temps were in the 90s. Also took a short ride on Saturday night with the wife for fun–it was.

Then got up to do it again Sunday morning. Why all the miles? I will be completing a Century ride for the first time. It is only 5 weeks away. I do not want to stop at 85 like last year because my legs died. That’s why I was determined today to push past my normal 50 miles today… and I did. But in the painful grind it out way that most likely I will be doing September 16.

I did not intend today to be a grinder, Wind, biking on the same path being used by several hundred people in some kind of organized run and the humidity slowed my average time by 1-1.5 mph. 

5 hours, nineteen minutes and thirty four seconds after I left the house I had ridden 65 miles. On a good but not great day this would have taken about 45 minutes less. I took the self-imposed challenge as a test of my will. I passed this one. One more in 5 weeks.

In total I biked 128 miles from Friday noon through Sunday at 1:20, just over 48 hours. Now all I need to do is shorten the timeframe to 9 or 10 hours and I am golden.

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2 Responses to Grinding It Out

  1. Frank says:

    Man, you are pounding the miles. I’m sad to say I got no saddle time this summer. It’s going to have to be the fall for some miles.

  2. 48facets says:

    Dude, I guess this means that the century is out for you this year. NP.
    All I could think when I finished today was that it took 5 1/2 hours and I would still have had 35 miles to go! Oh well, 4 more training weeks including an extra day on the Labor Day weekend.

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