Our Nation’s Capitol is Hot…Especially in August


We just came back from a quickie 5 night/4 day stay in DC. My son had never been there before. We were hoping he would soak up some history though his main interest was seeing the Nationals play (this kid is all baseball all the time). The temps were never below the mid-90s with extreme humidity. This made a great walking city much less of one.

Highlights from the trip:

  • 2 Hour Segway Tour. Very cool riding these. Much easier than walking in 100 degree heat. Observation. Don’t get overconfident with your abilities too soon or you could hit the ground after running into a post–hypothetically speaking.
  • Guided Tour of the Capitol Building. You can arrange these through your congressperson. It is faster than trying to get in yourself and worth the time.
  • The Botanic Gardens. Even my son liked this one. He took several beautiful pictures that I will share as soon as someone explains to me how.
  • The National Gallery of Art. Wife and I snuck in a quick guided tour of the west building one morning when our son slept in. For people like me who enjoy looking at paintings and sculptures but have not studied the subject, the volunteer guides are phenomenal.
  • The Washington Monument/Lincoln Memorial/the three war Memorials WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Always moving.
  • The Holocaust Museum. Being a Jew, I feel a need to go and to expose my son to what occured. Yet, I am always amazed at the number of non-Jews in attendance.
  • The Lunchroom at the American Indian Museum. We started to take the tour but this guide bored us within seconds. The lunchroom, however was outstanding. It had 8-10 stations of native American cuisine from different regions. The food was quite tasty.
  • The Nationals Game. The current stadium is awful for watching baseball. A new one is set to open next year. We got to see a very entertaining game in which the home team crushed the hated St. Louis Cardinals. The game included the Cardinals batting the pitcher in the eighth spot, a pop up in the infield purposely dropped to create a double play, several home runs and a position player pitching once St. Louis ran out of relievers.
  • The Metro. Cheap, clean and efficient transportation. We took it all over. My wife was an amazing navigator on this multi-level system. We even took it to and from the airport.

I also got to have lunch with my good friend Steve who lives in the area. Not bad for a short trip.

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