Thursday Night is Dance Night


…at least in Evanston, IL. A number of local businesses sponser 45 minutes of dance lessons followed by 90 minutes of a live band. There has been salsa and cajun the last two weeks. Tonight was swing. The band was Bopology. The setting was downtown Evanston. The place was hoppin’.

People of all shapes, sizes and ages were just having a whole lot of fun. There were a few excellent dancers including a man who had to at least be in his 80’s. Lots of different styles amoung the better dancers. One guy was all speed. His steps were a blur but letter perfect and his partners seemed overjoyed. Another man was great footwork and smooth. He really knew how to lead as he demonstrated with multiple partners. The women were twirling, hips were shaking and smiles were beaming. A number of folk were there as singles and danced with whomever was available. Kids danced with parents. Even babies and at least one dog got into the act.

My wife and I got in as well. I am normally a surprisingly adequate jitterbugger but after an hour of intense raquetball, my aged back stiffened and I mostly moved gingerly as my wife danced with vivre.

Next week is R&B. Be there or be square.

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3 Responses to Thursday Night is Dance Night

  1. Loryn says:

    Sounds fun. I wish I had known Bopology was there–would have joined you tonight instead of sitting home ! I bought their CD last summer at our sidewalk sale and have wanted to see them in person ever since. Missed them in Wilmette 2 weeks ago. Glad you had a great time!

  2. Frank says:

    You, sir, are living an interesting life. Good for you. Dancing….hmmm, what a charmer. That’s really fun.

  3. 48facets says:

    Loryn, sorry you missed it. It was a last moment decision on our part. With some planning we will check to see if you want to come along next time.
    Thanks for joining the small but elite group that leaves comments on this site.

    Frank, it is good to have an outside perspective. I do not usually describe my life as interesting. Being better at this dance form is something I will work at when I get some time. I am envious of the truly good dancers out there. Anyways, if you dance you can pick up women well into your 80s. (Not that I have that need or desire.)

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