Enough? or Enough!

Is there such thing as enough? If the appetite is there and the spirit willing and wanting, then why hold back! Should we not get all out of life that we can? If so, then Enough? should dictate, not Enough!

I am an Enough! kind of guy. I may be wired that way or just too accustomed to not push for more– especially for my self. I have self imposed rules. Work before play is a big one. It means that I will do the job that pays, take care of the house, kids, finances, etc. first. With the time left over, not so much I might add, I play. So what would happen if I built more play into the fabric of my life? I do not know but a large part of my brain says that the world would fall apart.

How does one really know if one is being responsible or just anal? Upstanding or just dull?

I sure don’t know.  As with all great questions–I can label this as a great question since this is my blog– the right answer may be somewhere in the grey area. More likely the right answer is different for different people. Or maybe there is one right answer.

Enough already!…or is it Enough already?

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One Response to Enough? or Enough!

  1. Frank says:

    Learning to know what enough is enough is essential. I think more and more about that as I get older. I think when people know, they are calibrated. If not, it’s a constant chase. Craziness ensures.

    Great post.

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