On The Road To Greatness

Front page article in the Christian Science Monitor and on csmonitor.com. Speaks fluent Mandarin. Running around China working for CSM during the summer break between his sophomore and junior years at Harvard. Political science major. Future Secretary of State. Nice Jewish boy. Nineteen. Someone that anyone of any age would enjoy hanging out with.

His name is Andrew. I have known him since he was 4 and he has always been special. This leads to a great nature vs. nurture discussion as to what is making him to be such a high achiever. Is it the intelligence of both parents handed down or how he has been raised?

 Both parents extol true 48 Facetness. The dad is an esteemed cardiologist who also sculpts, landscapes the house, grows a garden, studies art, etc. The mom is a whirlwind of energy, teaches French at a private school but has also has become a renown speaker around the world. Andrew and his brother have been exposed to much of the world and encouraged to develop an intellectual curiosity.

Yet if it was all nurture how do you explain that at the age of 4 instead of collecting baseball cards or action figures, Andrew had a collection of flags from around the world. He knew something about countries that I barely knew existed.

Well, whether nature or nurture this is one heck of a young man. Read his article on the CSMonitor.com but checking the link above. There is even a side article about the author. While for those who know of Andrew’s love for politics and history this story may seem a bit frivolous– but get real. I am writing a blog at no one’s request and this kid is writing for the Christian Science Monitor! I am not kidding about the future Secretary of State. Andrew has all the tools. He may, however be too ethical. I hope that does not stand in his way.

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One Response to On The Road To Greatness

  1. Frank says:

    That is really cool to know a young man for so long and watch him blossom. Amazing, really, Wouldn’t it be cool to wind back the clocks?

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