I Am A Junkie


Beginning last November I developed some strange behaviors.  At times I get anxious and my palms begin to sweat. I cannot focus on the task at hand as my mind wonders. I experience moments of either euphoria or deep depression. I crave a fix. It started out as an occasional desire but more recently I need it several times a day– sometimes even several times an hour. I’M HOOKED!

I have become a blog stats/comments junkie.  I live or die depending on how many people have read me today and whether someone cared enough to say something in return.

Clarity of my condition became crystal this morning. I have been on the road with little time to access 48Facets. Definitely no time and even less energy to write a new post. Woke up late on a Saturday knowing that I had to write something to feed my modest readership before they left for good. But I was empty. I was ready to write about how empty I felt. But then my magic drug was there waiting for me. Totally unexpected and out of nowhere Pax brought me back to life with a comment on my last post. Someone in cyberspace had reached out and touched me. (Is it O.K. to use an old telephone company ad line in a 21st century on-line experience?)

Now the sun is shining and the day looks beautiful. Unfortunately this will only last until I need my next fix and someone has administered the drug.

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2 Responses to I Am A Junkie

  1. Frank says:

    You are so funny….great post….yep, I know that feeling…cool thing about RSS feeds, though, is that there’s much less anxiousness about daily posts….I used to think I had to post every day….now I really don’t on the weekends, and that doesn’t matter much. But it IS fun to see how you combined the picture and the words….that’s Blog Artistry, baby!

  2. 48facets says:

    Frank, it is true that several readers from the last few days have been reading older posts. The Dilbert one gets a lot of hits. i don’t feel compelled to post every day but I miss it when I go several days without writing something.

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