The L.A.T.E. Ride

Think of all the things you might want to do during the summer in a big city like Chicago. Take a few minutes and really think about this. Raise your hand if bike riding through the cities neighborhoods starting after midnight and going until sunrise was on your list. Go ahead and add it now, I’ll wait…..

 The L.A.T.E. Ride (Long After Twilight Ends) is an organized event that drew 8,000 people last night two of which were my wife and a friend. It starts at beautiful Buckingham Fountain in the middle of Grant Park. (For out-of-towners this is the park that stretches for miles along the lakefront in the downtown area.) The band starts playing at 11, the crowds tend to gather around midnight and the ride officially begins at 1:30.

25 miles. Much of the ride is on Elston Avenue, one of the coolest streets for those who appreciate different neighborhoods. Most of Chicago’s streets run straight north-south or east-west forming a grid. Elston runs on an angle cutting se-nw. You start just north of downtown and watch housing and languages on the storefronts change.

The end of the ride was along the lakefront right on the beach side. There you got to see the sunrise over the lake. If we ever figure out how to download the pictures from my wife’s phone we will post some spectacular shots.

The big question for most riders is do you nap in the afternoon to prep or just count on not sleeping and catching up later. I am married to a cuter version of the energizer bunny so not sleeping for a night in order to do something fun was no big deal for her. I look forward to doing this with her one year when I can sleep for the week after.

L.A.T.E.  ride.  One more cool Chicago thing to do.

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