Too Many Hospitals


In the past three weeks, the following family members have made visits to the hospital:

  • Mom, three times
  • father-figure. Long story on the reference. (Well OK. Lives with Mom for over 25 years. My best friend’s dad. Very great guy)
  • mother-in -law
  • son

There is nothing positive about the atmosphere in a hospital no matter how fancy they try to make the common areas look. Maybe it is because short of childbirth you are never there for a good reason. Illness and injury are all around.

This set of events has worn me down to the core.

The good news. Everyone is out and left under their own power. After going through the agony of not knowing for over a week, Mom does not have the big C. Several things yet to cure but she dodged that bullet. Father figure and mother-in-law home and healing well.

My son, D, has a broken nose due to a bad hop on a hard hit ground ball. He had been playing varsity baseball this summer but that is likely over. We won’t know for sure until the swelling goes down and he sees another doc in a few days but it seems like no serious damage was done. His shiners are starting to appear. If he learns to like a good story as much as his dad this almost might be worth the pain.

I do not think that my wife will agree with me on the value of this as a good story but then she was there. She watched as he collapsed to the ground after the ball came up fast and seemed to have hit him in the head. By the time the ambulance came D was in good spirits and telling his mom not to worry. Considering that he has played both soccer and baseball since he was 4 we are probably lucky that this is only his second injury and that neither was serious.

However, enough is enough. Lately I have contributed mightily to the health care system. It is time for a break. (Pun intended).

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3 Responses to Too Many Hospitals

  1. Pax Romano says:

    Glad all are well: a few years ago, I went through the same thing.

    They thought my dad had The Big C. It only took ten visits and a gazillion tests at Fox Chase to discover that he did not.

    Better days!

    Oh And thanks of linking Blues from a Cubicle!

  2. 48facets says:

    Pax, thanks. Perspective is an amazing thing. During the time you are being jerked around by the docs and hospitals you feel like you are in hell. When its over, IF everything is OK you feel lucky. Go figure.

    Looking forward to Blues From a Cubicle. I intend to give a publicity post once I get my head screwed back on.

  3. Frank says:

    Man, let’s go with a spate of good health. This was not a good run. Be well, all of you.

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