A Bake Sale For Millionaires


(The second of two articles from Monday’s Chicago Tribune)

I have been hearing about a segment in our society in need of support. It just so happens that at a point when many of us would feel we reached the financial pinnacle, we would just be joining a group of relative paupers. We need to help build the self esteem of this group and provide aid to help them achieve their dreams. Yes, I am referring to that underclass of multimillionaires struggling to help the world achieve a goal of 1,000 billionaires. With only 946 billionaires worldwide, you can see the problems.

What problems you ask? Like helping the sagging U.S. real estate market. Currently there are too few bidders for the Hala Ranch, a 95 acre estate just outside of Aspen owned by Saudi billionaire Prince Bandar bin Sultan (what a great name). With an asking price of $135 million, millionaires need not apply. Only 11 of the 1,000 requests to view the property have been granted. As I said, a major blow to the self esteem of multimillionaires everywhere.

And Aspen is not the only U.S. locale with this kind of problem. A client of mine, a former CEO, has a place in Jackson Hole, Wy. The city of Jackson Hole has worked hard to limit the amount of new development which keeps the supply of property low while demand is rising. As he lamented the other day, the millionaires are being forced out of the area by the billionaires. This brought me to tears.

Being a man of action I quickly put a plan in place that mirrors successful fundraising efforts conducted for the local school and my son’s baseball team. We are having a bake sale! For this mission we will need a massive effort. This needs to go national. I am enlisting readers throughout the 48Facets community across this wide nation to join me.

Raison cookies anyone?

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4 Responses to A Bake Sale For Millionaires

  1. Frank says:

    Beauty, man, a bake sale for millionaires. And the pun at the end. Priceless.

  2. 48facets says:

    Does the picture come across as people standing in a bread line or something similar? I could not find a picture of food being served to the poor.

  3. Frank says:

    The pic is perfect. I thought it really advanced the story.

  4. 48facets says:

    One man’s pun is another man’s spelling error.

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