Fat Belly. Not My Fault

(Two articles on back to back pages of Monday’s Chicago Tribune caught my eye.This is story #1)

Welcome back self esteem! You know the extra 10 pounds that I have been carrying causing my gut to hang inches over my belt? Not my fault. At least not completely. Assuming humans react the same ways as mice and monkeys, scientists have discovered that it is stress not my lack of will power over food that causes me to look pregnant (without the glow). Yessiree Bob. Stress, along with a high fat/ high sugar diet,  produces neuropeptide Y. It is this hormone and not the pizza and candy that cause people to scream “thar she blows” every time I go to the beach.

Seriously, I have wondered why riding a bike 50 miles each week hasn’t made a dent in my waistline. I do fell stress now and again–and again and again. Maybe there is something to this neuropeptideY.

I still believe a sensible diet and exercise are the key to weight loss. I am confident however that millions of Americans will continue to eat like starving hogs assuming they can get their N Y shot and lose the gut. Why do the work when a drug does it for you?  What a country!

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