A lot of spam hits this blog. Some even gets through the spam filter. Most of the spam  are sites to buy cheap prescription drugs. I thought this one was interesting.

Hi all! My name is Eugene. I am from Ukraine!
I am engaged in construction! My business goes well! Recently I had a problem with automation of my processes and all my business. A lot of time I spent for unnecessary things. I needed the software which completely automates all processes at my enterprise. And I have found such software! There is a firm the Expert-Soft in Kiev which creates software for business automation. At present I am operating the processes by simply pressing the key. If you are interested you are welcome to visit their website

Does anyone fall for a “personal” message? Why exactly is a construction guy from the Ukraine contacting me? I am not going to find out. No good can come from this. However, if any of you check this out let me know what you find.

Definitely more interesting than a site trying to sell viagra.

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3 Responses to Spam-A-Lot

  1. Pax Romano says:

    That’s as good as the one I got from Russia (some kind of mail order bride thing), BOY were they barking up the wrong tree!

  2. Frank says:

    LOL, hey, Pax, that’s a useful as the breast enlargement ones I get.

    Rick, that spam is a bummer…but some is funny. I can’t imagine who must get suckered in, but someone must….they go with the Law of Large Numbers. There’s a sucker born every minute.

  3. 48facets says:

    Yeah Pax, I feel the same way about the Viagra spam. (Though my wife might have a different point of view). Mail order brides. Too bad internet spam wasn’t around when I was single.

    Frank, I agree. The cost of sending these must be low and all you need is one or two knuckleheads. I bet congressmen and the White House get sent stuff like this all the time.

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