Generations Before and After

Within about 20 minutes this morning I found out that my mother had been admitted to the hospital and my son’s soccer team won their tournament. While not events of a common magnitude, I had this brain flash of movement from the generation behind me to the one in front.

Mom has not been well for awhile with a series of pains in several parts of her body that have made it hard to walk. She has been weak. She went into the hospital because of heart attack symptoms– fortunately false– and they are keeping her there for “observation and tests”. It would be great if they stumble over some treatable underlying cause of everything that is wrong with her but given the number of doctors she has already seen that is unlikely.

My wife reminded me of how healthy she had been just 5 short years ago at her 70th birthday party. Mom turns 75 on Wednesday. I am not ready for the switching of parent/child roles just yet. Raising a son is enough to handle right now. Not that I  expect this role reversal to happen today or this week but this is the first time I have witnessed my mom in a hospital bed. The future is getting near.

My son walked in minutes ago after being away for three days. After experiencing more freedom than usual reentry is always a challenge. I tried to remember how it was for me at similar points and gave him a little, just a little, space. Of course his mom and I wanted to hear all about his last three days and the last thing he wanted to do was talk with his parents. We compromised. Watch part of the Cubs highlights, change the cat litter and take some time for yourself.

 “May you live in interesting times” is a proverb/curse attributed to the Chinese. It sums up how life is for anyone in between aging parents and children.

“May we thrive in interesting times.”  48Facets 6/24/2007

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One Response to Generations Before and After

  1. Frank says:

    Man, I hope Mom’s gonna be okay. That is always scary…and time does march on.

    What a beautiful sentiment about “living in interesting times.” Both a blessing and a curse.

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