Be Hopeful. Be Very Hopeful

As a counter to yesterday’s post, I wanted to share some good things that are coming your way in the foreseeable future.

Visual implants using technology borrowed from digital cameras may bring limited sight to the blind.

New wind powered electricity technology harvesting power from winds high above the eath’s surface where the jet stream winds are much stronger than earth bound breezes.

NOTES, a surgical approach requiring no recovery time and leaving no visible scars. NOTES stands for natural-orifice translumenal surgegy. Any wild guesses as to how the surgical instuments enter the body? (No printable pictures for this.)

Not peace on earth but signs of good things coming.

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One Response to Be Hopeful. Be Very Hopeful

  1. Frank says:

    Two really great stories with symmetry. I LOVE what you’re doing here…the writing is so crisp…you’ve found your bliss…and you’re making us happy.

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