50 (Plus One) Ways To Leave Your…

Youth. Technically its mine not yours but I am already playing loose with Paul Simon.

51 years young on Monday. I no longer wait for milestone birthdays to get reflective. Last year a friend who had just turned 60 told me that the 50s are great. People hit their stride and have an opportunity to take all of the wisdom and experience of the past decades and make their mark. I have never thought of myself as a mark maker. At least not in any big way. I have always tried to positively impact a small number of lives in a meaningful way.

So, how have I spent the first 10% of my 50s? I helped my son get his drivers license. This may sound small but for those that spent the 50 hours with a teenage boy behind the wheel holding both of your lives in his inexperienced hands, you know this was big. Really big. I started this blog. A new experience and an enjoyable part of the journey. No life changing events though I am more open to having fun, I think. In a life filled with responsibilities fun can get lost. Another year older looking forward to more sums up how I feel.

So how did I spend the weekend leading up to my birthday? Friday night I got home at 10 pm after a 14 hour day and collapsed. Saturday was to be spent riding. I had done 48 miles last weekend and felt strong the whole ride. I was set for a strong 51. The good news. I rode 51 miles. Just not in the way I imagined. You know, riding as fast at the end as I had in the beginning with the Rocky score blaring in the background.

June 16 was the first really hot, humid weekend day of the year. I never got into the rhythm I had had on the last ride. OK. No problem. I am an experienced rider. I know that I just need to grind it out. The first 3o were good. I stopped for some Gatorade (product placement here because I am working on an endorsement deal). Then heat and Karma stepped in. The heat is self explanatory.

I am not a big believer in Karma but sometimes things are more than coincidences. While sipping my Gatorade, a rider asked if I had a bike tool. I did. He borrowed it and went off on his way. 5 minutes later I passed the same guy pulled off the path working on his bike. I knew I should stop and offer the tools I had but chose to ride on. As I rode, it bugged me that I didn’t stop. Not in a My Name is Earl kind of way but because the man I think I am would stop to help a stranger. Karma stepped in. I lost leg power with 10 miles to go. Then a flat tire. The rear frickin’ wheel. It is always the rear wheel. Small lapse, small Karma slap.

The rest of the weekend was good. My family took me out Saturday night and hung with me on Sunday. As of now, I haven’t even opened birthday or Father’s day presents. More joy to come.

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3 Responses to 50 (Plus One) Ways To Leave Your…

  1. Irv says:

    Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a good weekend except for that not stopping thing. I guess you will know better next time. Have an all day meeting tomorrow so will try to catch you at night after batting practice. 51 hasn’t been so bad, neither will be the next 50. have a great day.


  2. Frank says:

    Happy birthday, brother! Sounds like a great weekend…and now have a fun birthday *week*!

  3. 48facets says:

    Irv, thanks for the birthday wishes and for actually remembering the blog address without a reminder. I am in 5 cities in 5 days this week. If you can, try to catch up with me next week. Let me know if you are coming to town.

    Frank, another Harris we know over used the term brother. Coming from you it feels right. I will let you know soon when we will be in Philly. If the offer still holds we would love to stay at the Chez Frank.

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