What A Week It Was

This is about work so anyone not interested please move on to to the next post.

I try not to write about work. It consumes too much of my life as it is and blogging is intended to be outside that realm. However, every once in a while I need a release valve. This is one of those times.

Let’s start with the good since it is far too easy to start complaining. I am a consultant which means that while I have an employer, most of my focus is on the companies I serve. There is a wide range of  people types across these clients. Some are great to work with and others make you wonder if the revenue is worth the pain.

I began working with a company in January that had used another consultant from my firm. Upon the change I listened endlessly to how much they loved the other guy. So be it. Since then, I brought to them a differt way of looking at things. Decisions had been made by focusing on what other companies are doing.  I walked them through  a process that focuses on what their company was about, what its needs were and how it is similar or different than others in their industry. Pretty standard good consulting.

Throughout our time together, the people I have been working with have been great partners. I have also made personal connections with some as we compare stories of raising kids, living in the corporate world, etc.

On Thursday we held a key meeting to present our recommendations to one of the senior executives. Because this client is a two plane ride trip, I participated by phone. Friday morning at the tail end of a hellish week, one of my contacts called to tell me that his boss was extremely pleased with my contributions to the meetings. He went on to say that his boss rarely gives such compliments. While for much of the time my work  satisfaction needs to come from within knowing I did well, the external validation is a major high.

OK. Interesting sidebar. I intended to do alot of venting , and I mean on a grand scale,  in this post. However, just writing about this positive experience has released the negative energy. For the curious, this week I had to deal with a major deliverable for another client using less than competent help in the form of someone I did not hire but was forced to use. I worked 12- 14 hour days to get the work done right. A new hire, on board for two weeks is complaining about her commute, threatening to quit and basically not doing her assigned work. While workiing my tail off on projects I had to juggle these people issues and find resources to cover other opportunies that came in. Oh, and I was sick with some stomach thing in the middle of the week.

One more work related smile. My boss’s boss found out that I am interviewing with another firm. While they have not come by with a bag of money, they are making other promises that would enhance my work experience. The best part is that I am  not interviewing.  Shhh. don’t tell.

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One Response to What A Week It Was

  1. Frank says:

    LOL….keep ’em guessing!

    And, oh yeah, juniors suck. When did we get to do that?

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