Vintage Folk

Sunday was my turn to spend the day with my sister Sandy. She has autism and can’t get out on her own. My mom, sister, brother and I take turns entertaining her each Sunday.

I had been told of a concert happening at one of the nearby suburban libraries. I did not have high expectations for a concert in a library but Sandy loves music so away we went. The experience was billed as Vintage Folk/Classic Country. As we took our seats I could attest to the vintage folk. We were amoung the very few of the 40 or so people that were under the age of 65.

Two thoughts having to do with preconceived notions and prejudices. First, for a guy that mostly does gigs at libraries and the occasional local coffee house, Steve Justman was highly entertaining. Skilled at guitar and banjo and with a better than adequate voice he had the place hopping for over an hour– as much as septuagenarians hop. If you pass him on the street he is a short, overweight, balding guy in his fifties. In front of a crowd he becomes an entertainer. Multiple facets.

Second thought. Over the course of the hour I came to regret my initial impressions of the audience. At first I saw lower middle class, old people with nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon but go to the library. But during the concert I saw toes tapping, hands clapping,  people singing and having fun. I began to imagine what lives they had led and what was yet to come. They became human beings to me as opposed to people to feel sorry for or even worse ignore.

The hostess gave me the biggest kick. She was well into her 70s but quite the firecracker. As she introduced the act and the rest of the season’s performances you could see the joy in her face at making this happen. Bringing music to her neighbors.

This group was not just vintage but classic too.

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One Response to Vintage Folk

  1. Frank says:

    Yu really captured the essence of the day in this article. Not only vinatage, but classic too. Nice turn of a phrase.

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