Adults Do The Darndest Things

While biking this weekend I passed runners wearing numbers, signifying a race. The odd thing was that I would see only a few runners at a time. Something else was odd. I would pass some relatively slow runners only to see faster ones behind them. And as I rode further and further I kept seeing them. Was there a marathon going on?

At one point I saw a sign for the Great Midwest Relay.  So I checked out the website.  I may bike a lot but these people are nutty. This relay race started in Madison, Wisconsin continued east to Milwaukee, took a right turn (south) and ended in downtown Chicago. A distance of 190 miles covered in 2 days by teams of 6 or twelve. I did the math. Each member of a 6 person team runs 31.7 miles.

The allure is that most of the running is done along bike paths through scenic towns.  By the time I saw these runners Saturday morning they were in their second day and in the last 25-30 miles. More power to them.

It actually would be fun to do this with a group of friends. Too bad my running days are long behind me.

What kooky things will someone think of next? Biking across Iowa or something? 

ps. Just above Chicago on the map is Evanston, my hometown. 

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One Response to Adults Do The Darndest Things

  1. Frank says:

    Man, I always wanted to do RAGBRAI. My brother-in-law, Steve, has done it several times. This year Lance Armstrong is supposed to ride the entire thing (he did two legs last year). It is supposed to be a great event. Running that distance, in the other hand, sounds like a nightmare. I can’t run to my mailbox!

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