June Rocks and Rolls

June is often the best month in Chicago. The weather is warm-to -hot but not yet the sweltering, humid days of July and August. The summer festival season is in full swing in the city and suburbs. And the biking is fab.

After a cold and windy spring, the biking weather has been outstanding. Both this weekend and last have been perfect biking weather which I define as temps in the upper 70s, sunny and little wind. I have been adding 5 miles a week to my ride and topped out this week at 48.5. Average speed at a hair under 15 mph which included 8 minutes of nonride time, 6 for a break and a few stop lights. Acceptible for now though I am aiming for at least 1 more mph before the summer is over. 1.5 and I am in heaven even though most good riders are in the low 20s.

This Saturday’s ride was much fun. I felt strong the entire ride. The prior week I slowed significantly in the last 10. Yesterday I was pushing until the end. Only the cicada that landed on my thigh and would not go away and his cousin that bounced off my cheek kept the morning from being a perfect 10.

Next week I intend to crack 50, 51 to be exact. It will be just before my b-day and I will ride a mile for each year. 50 will become my standard ride for most of the summer. Unfortunately I have not figured out how to work bike time in during the week. That means long weekend rides become the norm. I will do an occasional longer ride to help prep for the Noth Shore Century in late September.

Two more June weekend rides. Then the dog days of summer. I plan to get the most out of these next two.

ps For those readers who ride in other cities, I need to make my annual disclaimer that Chicago riding is as flat as it comes. If I were in hills or real mountains the distances riden would surely be less.

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4 Responses to June Rocks and Rolls

  1. Frank says:

    Beauty ride and distance, amigo!

  2. 48facets says:

    Dude, come to town for the North Shore Century on September 16. Bring Charlie.

  3. Frank says:

    Wow, hey Rick, I think that would be great…that would be a fun ride together…we could rent bikes out there I’d bet….might be really cool.

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