Not All Stats are Records

Most points in a basketball game:  100 by Wilt Chamberlain

Most career wins by a pitcher: 511 by Cy Young

NHL scoring record: 2857 points by Wayne Gretzky

Most Home Runs in a career by someone not pumped up on steroids: 755 by Hank Aaron

These are records. Whether over a career, a season or a single game, records mark outstanding acheivement.

I am tired of hearing about “records” on almost every sportscast of a game or on one of the talk shows. Most hits in the forth inning by a left handed third baseman. Most assits in the second period of the third game of the first round of the NBA playoffs. Most consecutive sets won in a Grand Slam tennis event (this was recently acheived by Roger Federer one of the greats of tennis, but it is still just a stat).

It is part of a society that must make superlatives out of the merely more than ordinary.

Let us instead celebrate the truly great and spend less time talking about all the rest.

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