Good Friends Forever

I get very little face time and not much more voice time with my friends. It’s a shame because these are highly enjoyable moments. The best thing about good friends is that the connection is so strong that you can pick up where you left off even after a long time passes.

I recently spoke with Irv. I have known Irv since I was a freshman in college. Every year without fail we call each other on our birthdays– that is alot of years. The good news is that we talk at least twice a year though often only twice a year. The bad news is that we were born 16 days apart. That leaves 349 days between the second and third calls. It is always a smile talking with Irv. He is a straight forward, no nonsense guy with a big heart.

Brian also has a birthday this month. Called him. I may not hear from him for awhile because his schedule is even busier than mine.

Even if I can’t see or talk with these great people often, it makes life better knowing they are there and that in a nanosecond we can be sharing something meaningful once more. What can be better than that.

Oh yeah, the love of a good woman. I haven’t forgotten about you, honey.

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2 Responses to Good Friends Forever

  1. Paul says:

    ps….Happy Birthday!

  2. 48facets says:

    Paul, 10 days early but thanks. Let the celebration begin!

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