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I found the standard iPod headphones to be of little value on planes– and I practically live on planes. I searched for a moderately priced set that reduced noise. I was not looking for a white noise system or anything that would take up a lot of room in a briefcase.

 The answer– the Shure E2c! For less than $70, this baby reduces noise dramatically. (It may be able to drown out more with the accompanying foam sleeves which I have not bothered to try.) I rarely have the iPod volume above the middle level. With the standard phones it was usually set near max.

I love music and anything that enhances the experience. The sound quality for the price is excellent. I hear nuances in the music that I rarely hear with my home stereo. My level of listening pleasure has risen exponentially. If money is no object, however,  Shure has other models for as much as $550. These actually have a tiny band housed inside the headphones. Very cool.

E2c, a 48Facets best buy recommendation.

BTW check out the cool clear ear pieces. They would be a great conversation starter except I cannot hear a word you’re saying. Music is on.

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4 Responses to E2 4 Me

  1. Pax Romano says:

    Whoa, 550 for a pair of headphones???

    Do they do windows?

    I have a Zune and just got a pair of noise reduction ear buds from Radio Shack, paid about 50 bucks…I was shocked how much better everything sounded; but I can’t see dropping another 500. —

  2. 48facets says:

    Pax, I do not know how much one should spend on the playing device to make a $550 set of headphones worth while. This is all out of my league. $70 for the E2Cs were a birthday present to myself.

    Yet I am sure that some investment banker can’t live without his $500 headphones.

  3. Frank says:

    I just placed an order for these on Amazon….$61.10….great deal because they are $109 on Shure’s site. I’m looking forward to these…was noisy on the train last night and I could barely hear with my iPhone headphones.

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