What to Believe?


How do you know what truth is? Which “facts” are valid and which theories provide reasoned extrapolations of the facts? Many of the big and little decisions we make in our lives  depend on being able to distinguish fact from fiction.

This is especially important for me. I am one of those people who want as much fact and certainty as possible before making a decision. Many people I know go more on intuition or gut. Sometimes you have to do the latter because the facts just are not there. (We can debate another day which type of person makes better decisions. Certainly my type takes longer.)

This is often on my mind. I am raising it now because of two posts I recently read. First, Jeff at Phidoux had some interesting thoughts about the high price of gas. Then Scott Adams had a debate with himself about what to believe about global warming.

We all, even scientists, determine what we accept as fact in part based on our belief systems. For example, I am in general more of an intellect guy than a faith guy and therefore, I believe the evidence supporting evolution rather than intelligent design. I am also more liberal than conservative on social issues and so I believe the science supporting that people impact global warming.

These are meant as just two examples. They are two for which  I am highly confident that I am right. And yet others disagree.  So I leave with a few questions.

How do we know what is truth–or at least fact?

How do we convince those who disagree– without violence?

What kind of social and political system best facilitates people of varying opinions and views about truth living in peace and making good decisions?

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