Memorial Day

us-soldiers.jpgMost of this holiday will be spent enjoying a beautiful spring day with my family. However, I am taking a moment or two or three remembering those who died or were injured in war.

I am lucky. I did not have to go to war. The draft lottery was still on but I had a high number and anyway the draft was not being used by the late 1970’s. I am even luckier in that I do not even know anyone or the family of anyone killed or injured in the wars in Afganistan or Iraq.

In some ways “being lucky”  makes the body counts heard on the news every day less personal, less meaningful. Yes, I would like it to stop. Personnally I am with those that believe there is no good the US can do in Iraq. Today, however is not about politics. It is about people.

The Chicago Tribune had a story about the impact of soldiers’ deaths on the remaining families. As with all good reporting the story focused on one family while sharing the larger statistics. This death broke the family apart. I can imagine this happens far more than we would like to think –or think about.

Take a moment or two.

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