50 + 50 = Priceless

p5190061.jpgFifty plus fifty does not always equal 100. Not when you are contemplating the lives of Lorin and Lesley. These identical twins recently celebrated 50 years each of livening up the planet. That is priceless.

These two are as close as sisters can be. The love they share make many of the rest of us jealous that we do not have a twin in our lives. And yes they are very much alike. The look alike. It took me awhile to know which one I was speaking to– much to their pleasure. They talk alike. I mean not only do they sound similar they TALK. English, French, Italian, no matter the language it is hard to get a word in edgewise. I experienced Lorin before Lesley and at first the whirlwind nature of the encounter was tough to take. I learned to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Eventually, I discovered that dialogue existed for the patient. And it was interesting and excited  and personal. All the things I look for in a conversation.

They go a mile a minute. Few people, other than my wife, can keep up. It is through my wife that I became friends with the two of them. Lorin was a college roommate of my wife.  The sisters keep in touch with each other several times a day even though Lorin is in Chicago and Lesley lives in Rome.

For all there similarities they are not exactly the same. Sure there are subtle physical differences but I am not referring to appearance. Lesley is the consummate marketer and entrepreneur. She moves from one endeavor to another with astonishing ease. Lorin has been a French teacher at a private school for many years. Beyond just teaching, she has established a niche that has her on the speaking circuit all over the world.

The same yet different. Different and yet the same. Somehow one and more than two all at the same time. I have had the pleasure of being in their circles for only a decade or so. I would not have missed the experience for anything.

Happy Birthday! Priceless!

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