Eye of the Beholder

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. Some prefer brunettes over blondes, some prefer abstract paintings over classics, or the poetry of a great basketball team over a golf swing. You get the picture.

The same holds true for blog posts. The topics and/or writing style that pleases the senses of one may be of little interest to another.  As I was discussing the rather modest readership of this blog as compared to that of some of my friends’creations, one of my readers surmised that writing about my bike rides, as personally important as they might be, may not be as interesting as other blogger’s topics. Almost any other blogger.

Once I realized that withholding sex would hurt me as much as this reader, I decided that punishing the messenger is not helpful. So instead, I am looking for more feedback. If all 3 of you that read this regularly blog along with the 25 or so that check in occasionally would share your thoughts about what you like best it would be much appreciated.

I am a person who likes feedback. However, since I follow my own path, I often don’t use the advice I get but I like to hear it anyway. So fire away.

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4 Responses to Eye of the Beholder

  1. Frank says:

    Well, I vigorously disagree that your writing about your bike rides is uninteresting. That’s nuts. If one reader likes what you write, that’s a gift. You should write what you want…and you do that well.

    Here’s my take: It’s easier to criticize than it is to create. It’s easier to say “That’s not interesting” when you haven’t stepped up to the plate and taken a swing. It’s easy to say you should write about something else when you’ve never faced a blank sheet of paper or a blog entry form. The victory goes to those who create.

    Sure, not everything we write is going to win the next Pulitzer or creative writing award. But writing frequently is like exercising…and one day you wake up and find that you say, “Yeah, I can do that. And well.” Writing makes you a more tuned in observer of the world.

    Ubermensch, you’re a very good writer. You do what the great writers do: Write what you know. I’m totally fascinated about yoru experiences in Austin. That your wife was on the red carpet at the Oscars. That you like an interesting life. It’s fun.

    I say keep it up. Keep writing. Keep reading what others write. Link to people generously. Add people who comment to your blogroll. Use an RSS reader to have quick access to interesting writers. That will swell the number of people who read you…but I’d be proud of what you’ve written. Be proud that you’ve been exercising your writing muscles and that you’ve been creative. This is the right avenue for you.

    Ride on, brother. And write on.

  2. 48facets says:

    Thanks buddy. I wasn’t fishing for kind words– OK maybe a little. Always good to get encouragement. We will see who withholds sex when she reads this post. I am not sure if she reads the comments.

  3. Frank says:

    Hey, no offense intended to the person giving you feedback, btw. It was my opinion about your writing and creativity, not to dig at anyone…I hope I was clear about that…if not, mea culpa.

  4. 48facets says:

    Your intent is clear from your comments F. Don’t worry… unless you plan to date her!

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