A Tough 35

I have this dream, fueled by memories from not so long ago, that I am biking on a sunny day with the temps in the low 70s. I am more than half way through my planned 50 mile ride when due to an adrenaline rush caused by the beautiful weather and legs that still feel strong, I turn from my typical north/south route and head west adding 10 miles to the total. Awhile later I am pushing the last mile feeling tired but in that good I accomplished something today kind of way. I get home, shower, and my family and I head for a picnic where I play with my son for awhile and then doze off with the warm sun on my face.

Yesterday the temps hit 80 but I was too busy to ride. Anyway, I reserve Sunday mornings for this pleasure. Today was in the 40s with a strong wind in my face for the first 18 miles and the last 2. It was overcast and the gods decided to drop some rain on me from time to time.

Some days I ride for the pure pleasure of riding. Other days I ride so that I will be in shape to enjoy the former. Today was such a day.

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