Mother’s Day was Sunday

Mother’s Day can be, how to best say it, an interesting day. My wife has had high expectations that her loving son and husband will demonstrate their love on this day. The expectations early in our life together had been, how best to say it, challenging to meet. For many years it was up to me to meet them given that a young child can not go and buy presents on his own and will rarely be good at planning the day or making brunch reservations. Success in meeting those expectations was, how best to say it, rare. But that was then.

This year my wife asked us to plan a fun day, make a card and buy something that my son picks out.  (All his life he has had better taste in gifts for his mom than I have.) We even got off easy on the gift since there was a dress she had fallen in love with that we eagerly purchased. 

Extremely reasonable expectations this year by any standards. And yet, leaving the responsibility in the hands of a 16 year old boy can test the most patient father –whoever that may be since it is no longer me. Somehow we not only survived but thrived.

Much of the day was spend on bikes. First riding to a new place for breakfast. Then an attempt to ride downtown, cut short when one of us was less than enthusiastic. Some miniature golf and batting cages followed by stuffed spinach pizza for dinner. Then the piece de resistance!

My son came through with a beautifully written card. It included a picture of his mother and him when he was about 3. Tears of joy. Then more tears of joy when we unveiled last year’s photo montage that apparently we never got around to sharing with her. A fine end to a lovely day.

Several days later I finally learn to download picture from my digital camera–yes it was incredibly easy– and here we are. Below is my son being a teenager on our ride. p5130036.jpg

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2 Responses to Mother’s Day was Sunday

  1. jeff says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos of your family. It sounds like you guys had a fun day – the weather sure looks nice!!


  2. 48facets says:

    Jeff, it was a good day.
    I have a couple of dozen photos I would like to post. Some good ones from Austin but these two took up a lot of memory. I assume there is a way to translate my pics to something that uses less memory but it will be awhile until I have time to figure that out. A techie I am not.

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