Head Exploding

explosion.jpgWell not yet but it seems as if it may happen any moment. Three times this week I have been so angry that a nuclear explosion became the very next step. CSI would have had to scrape grey matter off surfaces for miles in all directions.

I seem to have no safety valve or relaxation technique that works for me. I surmise that this is because for much of my life I had a calm soul.  My body and mind  never built the coping mechanisms others have.  If I am in a position to leave the source of the irritation, I will go walk it off. However, this requires walking for several miles until exhaustion sets in. Not always an alternative.

I am open to suggestions though drugs, legal or not, will not be considered. Alcohol maybe, but up to now I have not been much of a drinker. I have tried deep breaths and yoga to no avail. Surely someone has a solution.

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2 Responses to Head Exploding

  1. Paul says:

    Perhaps it is finally time to move to St Thomas, lose the suits, find the shorts and start that snorkle shop! But seriously…maybe it has to do with working with the big companies (that you talke about in your later blog). I have to admit that for me – it was such a big change for me when I worked for an actual “company” (rather than work for myself or a loose confederation of consultants) and had bureacracy, time sheets, planning meetings, quarterly career reviews! I didn’t last a year before I found a way out. And although it’s terrifyingly (is that a word?) scary – it is much more satisfying and enjoyable.

    I know, I know – you have all of the excuses of how you can’t go out on your own – but I still think maybe it’s time to really try it.

    ps – currently listening to Cole Porter selections on the radio – not as good as alcohol, but extremely enjoyable.

  2. 48facets says:

    Paul, the big company thing is certainly part of it. I think the dive shop will have to wait until Davide is in college or out of college– I think the tuition bills may keep me working at a real job.
    I have an opportunity to work at a smaller shop but I have to generate my own sales. Given how hard it has been to restart the last 2 years I do not think I have the energy for that. Quite the conundrum.
    Music generally, Cole Porter in particular is a good idea. Thanks.

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