Ok, maybe the all caps is overkill. But with the exception of the last week of 2006 when I was sick as a dog I have not taken time since last June. Way too long ago.

Ya know how when you hurt your back and at first it is killer but you accomodate the pain so you can get through the day and it goes on for a long time but at some time it goes heals and the pain is gone. Ya know that feeling when you remember what it was like to be pain free and how much more you can do and what a joy it is that it doesn’t hurt any more. Ya know that feeling. That was how I felt for 4 1/2 days.

Away from work–mostly– and away from the stresses of everyday living.  Being able to stay out late because you can sleep late the next morning. Rushing only when you want to and savoring slow, quiet moments when you choose. Hanging out with your wife when the hard choices are what fun thing do next or do we just lay around for awhile. Amazing barely captures the sentiment.

Note to self. More time off. More often. Go more places. Should I forget, someone out there please remind me.

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