The Austin Music Scene

I estimate that there are more musicians per capita in Austin than any other major city. Sure there are a large number of clubs to go to with music of all genres on a particular night. Beyond that though the place is like being in a musical; you’re never sure where or when  a song will break  out.

For example, we went to a place for bar-b-que that was recommended by several people. The food ended up being awful. Everything from the meats to the side dishes were a disaster. The evening was saved by singer/songwriter Abi  Tapia and her band. Abi has a strong voice and some great tunes. She played for an hour, for tips.

Sunday around noon we went to our new favorite coffee place, Austin Java.  They have a small outdoor patio where we read the Sunday paper and listened to a very good jazz trio consisting of a metallophone (a xylophone with metal bars), drum and electric bass.

The clubs were filled with great music.  Friday night we spent at the Broken Spoke which has a forty plus year tradition of hosting country music. We know that because the original owner came to the stage, gave us the story and then sang for the crowd. The performer for the night was Dale Watson, a successful second tier country singer with a strong, smooth baritone voice. His five piece band played traditional country for at least the three hours we stayed (one 15 minute break).  He was great but people watching was even better.

The Broken Spoke has a large dance floor in the middle of the building leading right up to the stage. Tables for eating and drinking were on either side of the dance floor. There were some fine 3 steppers on the floor. My favorites included the older (60 +) gent who asked every single young woman to dance. They all seemed happy to be dancing with a talented dancer. There was the young Asian woman who was asked to dance by several guys until the one who seemed to be her boyfriend stepped up and kept her busy the rest of the night. There was a 50ish couple that elegantly glided across the floor and the early thirties couple that needed to do major twirls every other step. I think the kids thought they were cool but the Elegants out-classed them by far. My absolute favorite was the guy, several inches over 6 foot, with the top knot (think John Belushi doing his samurai character) and blue jeans covered by black leather chaps. It was quite the crowd!

Our last night of music consisted of a double header.  Elana James and the Continental Two followed by the Mother Truckers.  Western swing is probably the best categorization of Elana James’ music. The trio consisted of Elana on lead vocals and fiddle, a phenomenal guitar player in the Django Reinhardt mode and a stand up bass player that could not have been older than 21. (In fact I am sure I saw his mom come to take him home).  All three of them had some of the fastest hands ever gifted to mortals. The music was fast and fun.

Two hours later we were treated to the country rock of the Mother Truckers. They rocked the house but we were tired and only stayed for a few songs.  I think my spouse got her fill of country music.  (I have to admit my embarrassment of not getting the joke in the band’s title for the first 30 minutes or so. The double entendre part of my brain is on the fritz.)

Our last night in Austin we were considering taking in the well known venue of Antones. However, none of the Fly Wheel, Kill Hannah or Sick Puppies seemed a draw for us. Good thing about Austin though is that all types of music are there for the finding.

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  1. Frank says:

    I really want to check out the Austin scene after this description. Sounds great!

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