Austin: First Impressions

Austin is My Kind of Town (imagine Sinatra singing this song in the background but with a modest country twang). It has music,  natural beauty–on the edge of Texas hill country–good city structure, museums, great parks, a major university–go Longhorns– and the state capital.

The rhythm of Austin is that of a good country ballad. People are casual, friendly and low key. The locals talk about this in part being due to the continuing hippie influence. Sure enough there were ponytails on men from young to old. People were patient. No honking at cars or people, pedestrians and cyclists given the right of way. Every one we asked was happy to help with suggestions on restaurants, places to see and music venues. After an intense week within a  fairly intense existence, this easy going nature of the place was reinvigorating.

I could hang out here a lot. Several place we went had bands playing including the outdoor section of a restaurant at dinner time and the coffee place on Sunday at noon. (BTW, Austin Java’s latte’s were vastly superior to Starbuck’s and they seve real food and the occasional live music.)  Having a slow, casual breakfast with live music and then finding good hiking 15 minutes away is a somewhat unique combination.

If for no other reason I need to go back to test my biking legs on those rolling hills. So much to do…so little time.

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