He’s Not My Spouse!

Just to be clear, this story is not about my spouse.

I’ve noticed that people view, evaluate and react to their spouses and children differently than we do others. The emotional ties are the strongest and the expectations the highest for our own.  A story of one small life moment really brought this home for me recently. Mostly because it was someone else’s family.

We had a Bar-B-Que between games of a 10th grade double header last weekend. At the end of the second game, parents told the players to leave any left over food and drink for the frosh game coming up next. I was chatting up one of the moms waiting for the boys to finish getting their gear together when her husband walked over to the food area and took two bottles of water.

She got an iritated look and began complaining to me that her husband was being irresponsible especially since they had just told the boys not to take anything from the food table. What a poor example he was setting, etc., etc. (A bit of background. This guy is one of the nicest guys and he and his wife seem to get along very well).

I turned to her and said, “Barb, I think he just needs the water to cool off the coals in the grill so it can be put away.” Sure enough, Bob walked over and poured the water on the grill.  She looked a little sheepish. I simply said, “He’s not my spouse”.

ps. All names but mine were changed to protect the innocent.

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