Bike Ride: the Sequel

Today was my second long bike ride of the season. Today’s ride was in the 25-30 mile range. I am purposely taking my old mountain style bike instead of my newer road bike on these first few rides. The old bike does not have the trip computer and therefore I am not subject to the tyranny of the numbers. How far and how fast.

Later in the season I will want to chart progress. For now I just want to enjoy riding. I pass through some beautiful suburbs with large, expensive houses. I feel my pace and push where I can and glide where I must. It will take a half dozen more rides at least before the body starts responding as I want it to.

Unfortunately this is a heavy travel week. Eight plane rides between Monday morning and Thursday. Also, I will be out of town this coming weekend. The following weekend is Mother’s day so I will need to adjust and ride on Saturday. I hate to miss ride days especially early in the season.

At the end of September is the local century ride.  Last year in my first attempt I completed 85 mile but my legs were dead and finishing was not an option. This year I will train enough so that I will be asking for more after the first 100.

Well, one can dream.

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