Bee Gone!

honeybee.jpgI rarely think about bees except in August when they start appearing in droves and make going to the beach or having a picnic a miserable experience.  Or when “killer ” bees were making their way north from Mexico. Or when I am putting honey in my tea or better yet trying to substitute honey for sugar in a cookie recipe– an amusing story in its own right. Ask me some time.

So who would have thought that honeybee raising was an industry and that in addition to honey the bees play a material role in cross pollinating crops the world over. Why am I so enlightened now you ask? Because the case of the missing bees has become a major news story. We are not talking about the occasional kidnapping for ransom of the queen bee. Hives are beeing found empty in colonies across Europe, Asia and North America.

This has become such a crisis that it has its own acronym–CCD for Colony Collapse Disorder. Give me a break. CCD conjures up images of a bee on a couch buzzing to a psychologist about how hard life is as a drone! Can’t the scientist just say the bees are gone? Too “plain English”.

Cause is yet unknown. The current suspects are Nosema ceranae (a fungus), pesticides and cell phone tower radiation. I say we get them in a police line up and have the few remaining bees identify the guilty party. The worst thing in all of this is losing bees is not really funny. It could substantially reduce crop yields. And I thought all I had to worry about was global warming.

PS. I am having a contest for the best bee related title for this story. I thought about a couple of dozen possibilities and Bee Gone was the best of the lot. The best suggestion wins a post written about the comic genius of the author.  

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5 Responses to Bee Gone!

  1. Frank Roche says:

    Gee, Bees Aren’t Stayin’ Alive.
    To Bee or Not To Bee.
    Well, I’ll Bee…Dead
    No More Bees Knees…Or Any Other Parts

  2. jeff says:

    I got nuthin clever – but I’m disturbed by this CCD thing. Check out Linda Howe has been reporting on this for months now and has interviewed scientists all over. In most cases they’re simply gone. I’ve read everything from cell phone towers to pesticides to a virus. They’re now actually doing DNA mapping of the bacteria in the guts of healthy bees vs. dead CCD bees to look for variations. Scary stuff…


  3. 48facets says:

    Jeff, you are right. Though I made light of this it is serious. I have heard estimates of one-third to one-half of the bees have just disappeared. Some farmers seem to be in a real panic. The fact that no one knows why is the scariest part.

    Frank. You have the top 4 entries so far. I will close the contest at midnight on Sunday unless I get bored with it sooner.

  4. Frank Roche says:

    I seriously looked into raising bees in my suburban back yard this year.,…I started a little late but will take classes this spring and summer, then I’ll get a queen bee next February. A blogger I know in Philly does this…it’s a good read…follow the links, too, they are worthwhile…and leave Tony a note at Mere Cat…he’s a very interesting guy…Second Bee Hive

  5. 48facets says:

    My cousin who lives near U of Illinois raises bees. Given my wife’s allergies and my general desire to nap, I don’t think I will be joining the bee raising craze myself.
    I will bee happy to help out in Philly. Then we can go for a bike ride.

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