Kunta Kinte Turns 50

roots.jpgThe raison d’etre of this blog is to highlight that most people have multiple facets to their personality. When most of us think of LeVar Burton, and you know that you do, either the characters of Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: Next Generation or Kunta Kinte from Roots comes to mind. To me that means enjoyable characters played by a grade B actor.

LeVar is getting airplay these days because it is the 30th anniversary of the broadcast of Roots. To my pleasant surprise in a radio interview I heard a highly articulate, philosophical man. He spoke intelligently about his career, thinking of being 50 as being the time of his life, and even on the topic of race relations– the latter topic he was being questioned about because of the impact of Roots.

He also was for 25 years a founder, executive producer and actor for Reading Rainbow  a highly acclaimed children’s show about books. Each episode centers on a theme from a book or other children’s literature which is explored through a number of segments or stories. The show also provides book recommendations for kids to look for when they go to the library.

LeVar Burton, if you should read this post, let’s do lunch.

It will be my goal from now on to have a weekly post on some person’s  multiple facets. Both the famous and should be famous will be noted. Guest nominations are welcome.

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2 Responses to Kunta Kinte Turns 50

  1. Frank says:

    Man, I love that title. I was SO into that show when it came out. Walked around for weeks reading that thick book. Amazing…and as you say, cool to see how multi-faceted LaVar Burton is.

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